May 1, 2010

A lot has happened since September 6, 2006.  I held the fundraiser, I changed jobs, my oldest went off to college, my second is shining brightly, and my third is a rough and tumble, very loving, strong-minded 5th grader.  The garden is more mature now, and so am I.  Crows feet have turned to wrinkles, and my waistline has grown (always, always trying to get it back down). 

These days I am inspired by younger people.  Holly, for one.  My own kids, nieces, nephews, co-workers (Dina is getting married today!).  I am grateful to be alive, and grateful for the man who loves me, through thick and slimmer times ;>).  I am optimistic.  Why not?

Oh, and that relative just a few years older than me with the brain cancer?  He died last year; 52.  Top notch athlete struck down by cancer.  Today I sponsored Janet in the Susan G. Komen San Francisco 3-Day for the Cure

TYG.  Amen.

September 6, 2006

Today I broke ground, figuratively.  I sent out invitations to a fundraiser I am hosting.  Check the box on that life event.  I am speaking at a conference next week regarding a business topic I am passionate about.  Check the box on that life event.  I have been landscaping my yard with my husband in preparation for the fundraiser; good motivation to get this project finished.  Persuaded my husband that maybe he and I shouldn't team on a two man power auger (ever been thrown for a curve by one of those?).  We switched to a power digger; much easier to handle.  Gets holes dug in a jiffy.

Got the kids back to school.  Where's the check book?  Homework in the evening, cooking dinner, reading with Kevin.  Lots of baskets of laundry to fold.  I pay the kids $1 buck a load to give them some spending money.  Got to work for it. 

Its been a good week, always challenges, but I remember time is limited.  A wonderful extended family member around my own age had brain surgery to remove a cancerous tumor about three weeks ago.  Carol, my other cousin just about my same age, died about 2 years ago.  She doesn't have any more years.

Make the most of it.

Honor thy Family

Honor Thy Family


Beautifully Useful TM 

solutions are created.


Claire and Mara,

Kevin and Mike,

My family is dear to me

from morning to night.

I love them forever,

my heart will be true,

for they are my loves,

my honeys, my brood.


Claire in red


By Claire

Flowers are important to me

My favorite flower is the best friends flower

A best friend flower is an ever green plant

A best friend flower never loses a petal

Not even in a tornado

It is the two people who hold the flower together.